Simulation of seat comfort

More and more, car manufacturers place the focus on seating comfort - as an important means of differentiation for their products and brand defining element. As component “next to the car passenger” the seat is crucial. Design and development teams are facing the following questions:

  • How to measure comfort for an objective and comparative assessment?
  • How to predict comfort in the early development phase – before manufacturing expensive seat prototypes?

Our approach is based on methodological competence. We develop methodologies and tools making the mechanical aspects of seating comfort, namely statics and vibrations, measurable and thus assessable, but also predictable.

The essence of our seating comfort competence is made up by two brothers – both of them are comfort dummies – the physical dummy MEMOSIK® and the virtual occupant model CASIMIR.

While CASIMIR’s home is the world of virtual seat development, MEMOSIK® is also available for real test drives. Both brothers have in common that they substitute human occupants for comfort assessments and thus contribute to making seating comfort objective and reproducible.