MEMOSIK® – Dummy for evaluation of vibration comfort

MEMOSIK® represents the active vibration dummy developed by Wölfel for the evaluation of vibration comfort of vehicle seats - on test benches as well as in cars during the ride.

The dummy is designed to simulate the vibration behavior typical for the driver on the seat and simultaneously it releases the test engineer from the test person role. The underlying methodology is the reproduction of the so-called driver-typical "dynamic mass“.

An intelligent feedback control system in MEMOSIK® allows for the quick switch-over between different driver groups, the so-called percentiles:

  • small female (f05),
  • average male (m50) and
  • large male (m95).

Directly following the test drive the MEMOSIK®-measurement delivers

  • coherence assessment
  • vertical seat-transfer-function including its characteristics
  • vibrations acting on the driver via the seat, including an assessment.

MEMOSIK® is a physical vibration dummy, i. e. it consists of steel and electronics. Its virtual equivalent is called CASIMIR, which is our numerical vehicle occupant model.