BD.5 – Shaker system for the analysis of the dynamic properties of large mechanical structures and components

Vibrations occur in the most different areas and are – in most cases – unwelcome. The measurement and analysis of the dynamic structural properties are an essential prerequisite and at the same time the first step for the elimination of unwanted vibrations. Are you looking for an easy-to-handle, robust and versatile solution for the reliable analysis of dynamic properties of large structures? If so, the electrodynamic shaker BD.5 ist the perfect tools for this task.

  • determination of natural frequencies, mode shapes and damping ratios
  • performance of experimental modal analyses
  • determination of transfer-functions
  • determination of mechanical input impedances
  • exposure of the structure or the test object to defined vibration loads.

The product offers optimum performance as regards power, stroke and frequency range and has been designed specifically for everyday use. The system convinces by their ease of use and versatile and flexible application.


Case Study "Load-bearing Behavior of Historic Wooden Ceilings" 423.10 KB
Case Study "Load-bearing Behavior of Historic Wooden Ceilings"

In the course of the renovation carried out by the city of Roth at Ratibor Castle, some peculiarities of the floor were observed in two halls on the second floor: In some areas, you could feel a certain flexibility when walking on the floor. In addition, some permanent depressions in the floor in the form of unevenness and visible gaps at the walls were found. Prior to a comprehensive restoration of the building ceilings, these issues should be clarified, however, without causing unnecessary damage to the precious inlay floors which are worth preserving.

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