Wölfel is active in standardization committees

Wölfel's employees provide their specialized know-how to the general public by contributing to the development of national and international standards and guidelines.

This is a selection of our activities:

Nuclear Technology

  • KTA 2201.1, Design of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events, Principles
  • KTA 2201.2, Design of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events, Subsurface Materials (Soil and Rock)
  • KTA 2201.3, Design of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events: Structural Components
  • KTA 2201.4, Design of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events: Mechanical and Electrical Components
  • KTA 2201.5, Design of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events: Seismic Instrumentation
  • KTA 2203, Protection of Nuclear Power Plants against Airplane Crash: Design of Structural Components

Construction and Plant Engineering

  • VDI 3842, Vibrations in piping systems
  • VDI 2038, Serviceablility of structures with dynamic impact
  • DIN 4178, Belltowers - analysis and realization
  • DIBT, Preliminary design principles for waste dump components
  • DIBT, Task force 'Analysis' of the Committee of Experts 'Plastic Vessels and Pipes'
  • DIN 4150, Vibration in buildings
  • VDI 3834, Measurement and evaluation of the mechanial vibrations of wind turbines and their components
  • Structural Health Monitoring and Assessment of wind turbines and offshore-platforms
  • DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering: NA 005-51-06 AA „ Earthquakes; Special issues (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 250/SC 8)“
  • CEN Standards Committee: CEN/TC 250/SC 8/WG 2 „Steel and Composite Structures“

Human Vibrations

  • NALS 001-03-07-01, Whole-body vibration
  • NA 001-03-07-02 UA, Hand-arm vibration
  • NALS 001-03-07-03, Seating and biodynamic modelling
  • ISO/TC 108/SC 3/WG 1, Human response to vibration — Measuring instrumentation
  • ISO/TC 108/SC 4/WG 15, Estimation of whole-body vibration health hazards

Active Vibration Reduction

  • VDI 2065, Active Vibration Reduction

Immission of Noise and Vibrations

  • NALS A2 AK8 / DIN 45684-1, Acoustics - Determination of aircraft noise exposure on airfields
  • DIN 45687, Acoustics - Software products for the calculation of the sound propagation outdoors - Quality requirements and test conditions
  • NALS 001-03-09 AA, Measurement of vibration immissions
  • ISO/TC 43/SC 1/WG 56, Quality assurance of noise calculation methods implemented in software