Structural Intelligence in Civil Engineering – Intelligent Real-time Monitoring, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Structural Analysis of Structures

The service life of structures is difficult to predict, as loads vary greatly and wear is not straightforward. Design and actual stress usually differ from each other. This poses a major challenge – both for the engineers responsible for the safety of the structure and for those responsible for operation and maintenance.

Early detection of damage, optimization of maintenance work, extension of service life

In order to control the condition of the structures and to better plan repairs, monitoring systems are used which continuously record the dynamic loads and the resulting stresses and reactions.

However, our systems do not only record raw data, but rather analyze the entire condition of the structure, taking into account the operating and environmental conditions, using intelligent algorithms (structural intelligence). Based on this, concrete instructions for the user can then be derived. You can find out exactly how our systems work and why you should use Structural Intelligence here.

Our service portfolio in the field of Civil Engineering:

Classical monitoring (e.g. of tunnels, retaining structures, noise protection structures)

  • Recording and evaluation of the true condition of the building
  • Identification of damage and weak points
  • Recording of building loads (traffic loads, weather, dynamic loads, component loads)
  • Monitoring of damage or weak points of critical components (e.g. bridge bearings, roadway transitions, suspension cables, tendons)

Evaluation with the help of Structural Intelligence

  • Calculation of the remaining service life
  • Extension of service life through early detection of damage and optimization of operation
  • Optimization of inspection and maintenance work and intervals (targeted maintenance of critical components)

The analysis and visualization of the collected data takes place in our Monitoring Intelligence Center MIC.Construction.

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