Structural Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering – Intelligent Condition Monitoring (CMS) of Machines

Vibrations impair the functionality of machines, reduce the quality of the manufactured products, increase energy requirements and can lead to failures and permanent damage. This ultimately leads to high additional costs.

Early detection of damage and problems

Through the analysis of vibration behavior within the framework of intelligent condition monitoring, changes in condition and thus damage or malfunctions can be detected at an early stage. The basis for this is a measuring system consisting of different sensors, which is placed directly on the machine. The data collected is evaluated automatically using intelligent algorithms. In addition to the vibration behavior, we also consider other structural-mechanical parameters as well as operating and environmental conditions. This is what we call Structural Intelligence. On this basis, concrete instructions for the user can be derived. How exactly our systems work and why you should use Structural Intelligence can be found here.

Reduce downtimes, make maintenance plannable, extend service life

By using our systems, the operator obtains detailed knowledge of the condition of the machine. If predefined limit values are exceeded, the operator is automatically informed and can initiate appropriate countermeasures. At this early stage, repair measures are usually much cheaper and more serious damage can be avoided.  Maintenance and repair work can thus be planned, spare parts can be ordered in good time and unexpected production downtimes can be avoided. In the long term, the service life of the machine can thus be extended.

The advantages of Structural Intelligence in the field of mechanical engineering at a glance:

Increase of productivity

Extension of service life

Reduction of downtimes


Reduction and better planning of maintenance and repair work


Our service portfolio in the field of mechanical engineering:

Classic monitoring

  • Recording and evaluation of machine condition (machine diagnosis)
  • Identification of damage and weak points
  • Acquisition of loads and ambient conditions (temperature etc.)
  • Monitoring of damage or weak points of critical components

Evaluation with the help of Structural Intelligence

  • Calculation of the remaining service life
  • Extension of service life through early detection of damage and optimization of operation
  • Optimization of maintenance work

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