Structural Intelligence in Wind Energy – Intelligent Condition Monitoring of Rotor Blade, Tower and Foundation

Wind turbines are exposed to extreme environmental influences and strong dynamic stresses – especially since the turbines are becoming taller and taller as a result of the constant quest for greater efficiency. The actual loads vary greatly from WT to WT and usually deviate from the values assumed in the design.

Early detection of damage, reduction of recurring tests (WKP), extension of service life

High loads increase the risk of malfunctions and damage. If they go unnoticed, in the worst case, entire components may have to be replaced. Regular visual inspections directly at the wind turbine are usually very expensive, especially for structures below the water surface in offshore wind farms. However, through comprehensive monitoring, changes to the blade, tower or foundation can be detected at an early stage and repair measures can be initiated. In addition, at the end of the design service life, a well-founded decision can be made about continued operation based on real loads.

The high art of Structural Health Monitoring, however, is not data acquisition, but signal analysis. The task is to filter out the really important findings from the flood of recorded data, make correct diagnoses and provide the operator or project manager with clear instructions for action. For this, we use Structural Intelligence: Our systems analyze the entire condition of the wind turbine taking into account the operating and environmental conditions with the help of intelligent algorithms. Here you can find out exactly what this term means and how using Structural Intelligence benefits you.

Our product portfolio in the field of structural monitoring of wind turbines:

The advantages of Structural Intelligence in the field of wind energy at a glance:

Extension of service life through the early detection of damage

Sound decision basis for continued operation after the design service life has expired

Reduction of periodic inspections


Reduction of maintenance and repair costs

Reduction of downtimes

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