High End FEM-Simulation

  • You have a new product development and would like to analyze before virtually?
  • You want to reduce the cost of measuring campaigns, but nevertheless you want to examine the same variety of variants?
  • You want to extend your expertise relating to not measure detectable levels to carry out a more detailed assessment?
  • You want to examine a scenario which is experimentally too complex or not ascertainable?

Wölfel has acquired in depth knowledge to exactly these questions for many years through the use of high-end simulation and continuously developed this. The range of projects in various industries is unique for us. From comfort simulation with a new hospital bed up to the simulated plane crash – through the diversity of the projects portability is no problem, but a like mastered challenge.

In addition to the standard simulation fields we are dealing in particular with:

  • Definition of exceptional materials (such as concrete, textiles) including non-linearity, strain rate dependency and failure
  • Inspection to the wrinkling of textile related processes
  • Life science – questions on the human-environment interaction
  • coupled structural and acoustic simulation
  • Use of new simulation methods such as Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) for impact simulations of tanks due to aircraft crashes.