If ice forms on the rotor blades of a wind energy plant, it must be shut down in accordance with official regulations in order to protect the surroundings from ice being shed. Critical ice build-up must therefore be reliably detected using technical measures. A meteorological sensor for ice detection was installed in the Hamwiede wind farm from the very beginning. However, it became apparent already in the first winter that the shutdown due to ice was very imprecise. False alarms and unnecessary shutdowns became more frequent. The potential of the wind farm could therefore not be fully exploited in the particularly highyield winter months. Discover in our case study how the downtimes were significantly and safely reduced with the help of IDD.Blade from Wölfel.

Case Study "No loss of yield due to unnecessary downtime" 351.09 KB
Case Study "No loss of yield due to unnecessary downtime"

„IDD.Blade already exceeded our expectations in the first winter after installation. The system detected ice so precisely that the assumed amortization period was not even reached.“
(Michael Rückert, operator)

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