Continuous optimization for maximum performance and durability for offshore foundations

What is Agile Design?

Agile Design is an innovative approach in the design and operation of offshore foundations that prioritizes continuous validation, improvement and adaptability throughout the lifecycle of the structures. Unlike the traditional one-time design process, Agile Design incorporates iterative updates based on real conditions and as-built-feedback from a structural health (SHM) system. This dynamic and data-driven method enables reliable responses to any detected KPI changes in the structural condition of the foundation, founded on the combined expertise of the designer and SHM experts.

Furthermore, operators benefit from accurate and updated insights of the structural condition that allow them to optimize the lifetime management of their structural assets. By leveraging data from the Wölfel SHM systems, Agile Design ensures continuous value creation, enhancing overall design performance and longevity. 


Up-to-date structural
integrity assessment


Improved operation and
maintenance decisions


Regularly updated asset valuation
and lifetime estimation


Quick incident
response readiness


Comprehensive validation
of design assumptions


future designs




In the rapidly evolving field of wind energy, Agile Design emerges as a game-changing approach that revolutionizes traditional structural engineering. Recognizing this transformative potential, two prominent forces in the wind energy sector, JÖRSS-BLUNCK-ORDEMANN (JBO) and Wölfel, have united their expertise. Together, JBO and Wölfel are collaborating to develop this innovative approach in the wind energy sector.

With over 55 years of company history, JBO specializes in engineering services for offshore foundation structures, while Wölfel excels in SHM, vibration analysis, noise assessment, and structural dynamics. This synergy allows them to address critical aspects of the design and monitoring of wind energy structures and tackle complex challenges. 

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