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21.03.19 /

IMMI 2015 Release 05 now available

Dear Sir or Madam,

the update 05 of IMMI 2015 (January 28, 2016)  is available in the customer area of our website for download. 

The following link will lead you to the customer area: Wölfel/Customer area.

You will also get to this link automatically, if you have set the automatic update search in IMMI.

Sign in with your user name and your password.

Important Note: Due to the redesign of our website we had to reset all passwords to the original value. If necessary please use the link for automatic password reset.

After logging successfully please switch to IMMI/Downloads.


For downloading and installing the update please proceed as follows:

On the left side you find a link to the Downloads. Under the category IMMI update, the latest update is available. Download the file and install the Interim Update.


To install the interim update, please proceed as follows:

Double-click IMMI_2015_Setup_Update05.exe or IMMI_2015_Setup_Calculator_Update05.exe to start the automatic installation.

Note: The old program files will be written in a backup directory.

The new version is installed and can be used.

More information

If you have questions about the update 05, please call at Mrs Denise Müller,

Your personal contact regarding IMMI:

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Denise Müller

Phone: +49 (0) 9 31 / 497 08-505

Fax: +49 (0) 9 31 / 497 08-590

Email: denise.mueller@woelfel.de

We look forward to your feedback!

Your IMMI-Team