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23.02.18 /

More performance, more features, higher efficiency!

Dear Customers,

as in the last few years, we have looked at your feedback on Noisy and done a lot of work to offer you an update that shows significant improvements in performance and stability.

Install now the latest Noisy version to profit from all these improvements.
And ask for our user manual (New: English version) with more than 450 pages full of usefull information.

The following is an excerpt from the new features.


The update and its highlights

Automatic tagging

Using the "Automatic marker" function, you can now automatically mark day times such as day, evening and night.


Administration of configuration files

For more usability in creating different configurations and restoring them for future processing, an administration of these configuration files was introduced.

Broadband time-dependent level

Using the new function "Creation of time-dependent level", broadband time sequences can now be extracted from spectral files and transferred as a separate data set into a Noisy project.

Revision of the list "output"

The list output for "assessment" and "noise separation" has now been converted to the new modern report editions, which have already been used elsewhere in Noisy. In addition, the layout of the list output for the "safety at work" was optimized.

Extensions of the recorder functions

New block measuring mode for ACOEM meters

In this block mode, the sound level meter uploads sound level data to an FTP server, e.g., in 5-minute blocks (push function), which NOISY then downloads and adds to the current measurement. This allows taking a quasi online measurement with time-delayed blocks.



Get messages triggered via thresholds

By means of a new threshold value check, a message can be sent automatically during the online measurement when the sound level is exceeded.

Interval calculation during online measurement

During online measurements, statistics can be calculated in time intervals and stored in text files.

ROBIN POST Produkt-Logo

Noisy RoBin and its highlights

New: Program package RoBin Post

With the current update, the new Noisy program package "RoBin Post" is now available. With the "RoBin Post" program package, the user receives an optimized evaluation version for the standard-compliant determination of sound power at wind energy installations. With RoBin Post, user-measured data can be imported and evaluated according to IEC61400 Edition 3 as well as other relevant standards.


System RoBin for measurement and evaluation according to IEC 61400

A wide range of extensions has been introduced for the measurement and evaluation of sound at wind turbines, which decisively expands the RoBin system.


Increase of max. numbers of windbins per analysis

By means of the Edition 2.1 rules, now a maximum of nine different windbins are available for the parallel evaluation. The edition of Edition 3.0 is based  now on 18 different windbins available for parallel evaluation. Thus, a much broader wind speed range can be covered by analysis.

Marking of "forbidden areas" in the performance curve

The performance curve according to Edition 3.0 can be checked and forbidden areas can be marked.


Acceleration of the export of RTF data

The export of the report results as RTF files could be significantly accelerated.


10 in 1 diagram for tonality spectra

As an alternative to the documentation of the tonality spectra, a new 10-note diagram is now available. For this, max. 10 tonality spectra in the bundle are shown in a diagram.

And these are just a few examples, you can look forward to other innovations and improvements that will benefit you in your daily work.

To get the update, please visit our customer area. There you will also find the new Noisy user manual (New: English version).

And here you can find more details about RoBin Post.

Or contact your Noisy and Noisy RoBin contact person directly - by email or telephone - just one click is enough.

Your Wölfel-Team