Vibrating pipes are able to threaten the safety of chemical plants and those vibrations can shorten the life time of pipes. Therefore vibration reduction in piping systems is a very common task in chemical plants. There are several different types of damping devices like spring hangers or visco-dampers etc. available. However all of those devices need a fixed support.  Only the active vibration absorber, AVA, developed by Wölfel needs no support to hold up. AVA is a kind of “sky hook” and it is part of the Risk Mitigation and Prevention Strategy. AVA should become part of an integrated Risk Management Standard in chemical plants.
In IRIS Wölfel developed a device called AVA which stand for active vibration absorber. The AVA is able to actively reduce the vibrations of a steel tower with a hight of 30 m. The tower is excited by  stochastic broad band pipe vibrations and travelling natural frequencies depending on temperature and throughput.  In chemical plants Woelfel conducted several measurement campaigns both during operation and in plant downtime. The measurement results delivered the basis for the development of AVA. In a plant of Dow Chemical a very successful test of AVA took place at the end of the IRIS project.

Wölfel’s project results

  • The demonstrator for active reduction of pipe vibrations was developed as part of the PhD thesis of Dr. Jürgen Engelhard. The scientific achievements were honored with the “IRIS Price of Excellence 2010” which was doped with 5.000,- €.
  • The product line of ADD.Pipe based on the knowledge gained in the EU projects IRIS and SafePipes.
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