Virtual H-Point-Simulation

Along with the definition of a new vehicle's interior dimensions, the Seating Reference Point (SgRP) is determined. The SgRP defines the position of the occupant in the vehicle. The seats consequently have to be developed in a way that the H-point of the seat is located within a tolerance around the SgRP.

Our H-point simulation methodology allows for this situation to be analyzed during the virtual development phase. For this purpose the seat model from the static comfort simulation is combined with a model of the H-point measuring manikin according to SAE J826.

Deviating only a few millimeters, the prognoses resulting for the H-point are very close to the measured values of future prototypes.


In connection with the Head Restraint Measuring Device (HRMD) as per FMVSS TP 202a we also determine the backset in analogy to testing according to predominant rules and regulations.