Optimized Gearbox Design Right from the Start

No matter where a gearbox is used, the aim is always to ensure that it runs vibration-free, reliably and quietly. Even minor malfunctions often make themselves felt loudly and can result in a considerable loss of yield and high wear.

Prototype tests on a test bench often only provide information on performance under ideal conditions. In addition, it is time-consuming and cost-intensive to test and compare different variants. Using simulation at an early stage in the development process, allows for the performance to be examined under a wide range of operating conditions and for its optimization from the outset. In addition, critical operating areas can be identified and specifically avoided. 

As a rule, it is not sufficient to consider and design all components individually. In order to develop an optimally functioning system and thus be able to fully exploit its potential, rather, the interaction of the components must be considered. Therefore, multi-body simulation is particularly suitable for transmission development and optimization. If the elasticity of the components is also to be taken into account, FEM calculations can also be included.

Our service portfolio in the field of transmissions:

  • Calculation and optimization of the force distribution in the transmission
  • Optimization and modification of the gear teeth
  • Identification of vibration endangered components 
  • Calculation of force and moment progression
  • Analysis of gearbox operating vibrations and simulation of remedial measures
  • Visualization of the trajectory
  • Stability tests (eigenvalue analysis)
  • Run-up and resonance analysis (Campell diagram)



I am happy to support you with numerical simulations and advise you on the development, optimization and automation of your simulation processes.

Dr.-Ing. Manuel Eckstein


Mechanical Engineering, TU Darmstadt

Acadamic Degree


Working at Wölfel

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