Transport Monitoring – Damage Prevention, Vibration Monitoring During Transport and Post-Transport Evaluation

When transporting sensitive components such as machines, transformers or switchgears, these can be damaged or even destroyed, for example by impacts. In order to be able to objectively monitor and assess the external influences, devices such as shock recorders are used. In addition to these products for vibration monitoring during transport, Wölfel also offers suitable engineering services, including

  • Preliminary investigations by measurements to determine expected transport loads as well as
  • Numerical simulations of the effect of transport loads on the transported goods with the aim of post-evaluating damage cases and optimizing the packaging or the transported goods themselves.

Thus, we are able to effectively support you in the prevention of damage.

Our specialties


While some tasks – for example, making production more efficient or reliable and complying with occupational health and safety regulations – are similar for all machine types, there are also individual challenges in each industry. Over the past decades, in countless projects for manufacturers and operators of paper machines and machine tools, we have been able to build up valuable specialist knowledge in these industries:

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