Unbalances on rotating shafts impair product quality and reduce operating safety. In order to restore operability and ensure that quality requirements are met, we eliminate such unbalances by means of balancing.

Our service portfolio in the field of balancing:

  • Balancing directly at your plant or worldwide at the installation site
  • Balancing in the installed condition – i.e. without time-consuming removal of the shaft
  • Dynamic 2-level balancing
  • Balancing of very slow running rotors by using special sensor technology
  • Compact documentation of the balancing process in the balancing log
  • Indication of residual unbalance and balancing quality according to DIN ISO 1940 for your documentation and QA

Our specialties


While some tasks – for example, making production more efficient or reliable and complying with occupational health and safety regulations – are similar for all machine types, there are also individual challenges in each industry. Over the past decades, in countless projects for manufacturers and operators of paper machines and machine tools, we have been able to build up valuable specialist knowledge in these industries:

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Head of Vibration Measurement + Reduction

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