Optimization and Evaluation of Components to Increase Efficiency and Extend Service Life

In the development and optimization of components, the aim is on the one hand an economical design and production, and on the other hand the most efficient use possible in the subsequent application.

Structural mechanics therefore simulates how solids behave and change under static, dynamic and thermal loads. Potential weak points can thus be identified and eliminated during development by means of a strength and stress analysis. In addition, the geometry can be optimized with a view to more efficient component utilization and the service life can be predicted for the load and operating scenarios that occur.

The simulation process is usually divided into three steps:

Our service portfolio in the field of structural mechanics:

  • Linear analyses for strength and stress analysis
  • Operational stability and reliability
  • Geometrically non-linear analyses (strong deformations)
  • Material non linearities/ plasticities and evaluation of material behavior
  • Non-linear contact behavior
  • Lifetime evaluation on the basis of the calculated stresses and the existing load collectives



I am happy to support you with numerical simulations and advise you on the development, optimization and automation of your simulation processes.

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