Faster Marketability and Optimized Products through Virtual MBS Prototypes

If a product consists of several discrete, rigid bodies that touch or abut each other or are coupled, for example, via joints, springs or dampers, it is called a multi-body system. In the context of product development, it is of great importance how the individual components behave in interaction and which interactions occur. 

The analysis by means of physical prototypes takes a lot of time and leads to high costs. Multibody simulation makes it possible to represent such mechanical or mechatronic systems as virtual models. Forces, movements and vibration quantities occurring within the systems can also be calculated. MKS delivers very accurate results in a relatively short calculation time. The virtual comparison of different variants not only improves the product quality but also shortens the development time considerably.

If you do not have your own simulation department or if you want to outsource particularly large and complex CAE projects for capacity reasons, we can support you as an engineering office specializing in simulation throughout the entire process chain or by taking over individual tasks. In addition, we will be happy to advise you on developing and establishing your own simulation processes

With SIMULIA Simpack, we use the world's leading software in this field for our multibody simulations. Our powerful IT infrastructure enables us to calculate a large number of variants in a very short time. If required, we often combine MBS with other simulation methods such as the finite element method. Thanks to the versatility of our company, we can also carry out additional measurements to validate the virtual results on request.



I am happy to support you with numerical simulations and advise you on the development, optimization and automation of your simulation processes.

Dr.-Ing. Manuel Eckstein


Mechanical Engineering, TU Darmstadt

Acadamic Degree


Working at Wölfel

Mastering the variety of technical challenges together with our customers and with the Wölfel team through innovative solutions.