Realistically Depict Complex Motion Sequences through the Integration of Flexible Bodies

In some cases, it is necessary to consider the structural elasticity in order to be able to reproduce the component behavior exactly and optimize it effectively. This includes, for example, contact problems and acoustic problems. In addition to the purely kinematic simulation, the dynamic behavior of the overall structure is also analyzed here on the basis of a virtual 3D model. The number of complex and expensive physical tests can thus be significantly reduced. This is particularly relevant when the commissioning of the entire system under load is only possible at the end customer's site.

To take into account the elasticity of shafts, gears or complex components such as rotor blades, flexible bodies are integrated into the model. Depending on the requirements, the level of detail can vary: From simple elastic elements such as springs or dampers to simplified contact models and the complete integration of elastic components. For this purpose, the MBS model is coupled with an FEM simulation. Individual components previously calculated with SIMULIA Abaqus, ANSYS or NASTRAN can be directly integrated. 

The product quality can be further improved with downstream analyses, e.g. regarding lifetime or acoustics. 

Typical applications in this area are: 

  • analysis of torsional vibrations in drives 
  • analysis of the effects of play and other production-related tolerances
  • analysis of the propagation paths of vibrations in machines 
  • identification of vibration-endangered components/assemblies in development 
  • virtual testing of various remedies



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