Passive Vibration Reduction Through Vibration Isolation, Dampers and Absorbers

Passive vibration reduction uses conventional methods to control vibration problems, i.e. no external power supply is utilized. The classic passive approaches are:

On the one hand, passive vibration isolation aims to prevent the vibrations from alternating forces caused by the machine from being transferred to the supporting (building) structure. This is achieved by a suitable dynamic design of the machine support (machine feet).

For larger machines, a separate machine foundation is built. This foundation must be designed in accordance with the operating conditions of the machine and the vibration-related boundary conditions. 

We have decades of experience in the dynamic design of machine feet and machine foundations with corresponding verification for various load cases (operating loads or special loads). Another application of vibration isolation is the decoupling of a sensitive machine (e.g. measuring machine) from vibrations from the environment.

Dampers are components that reduce vibrations by converting vibration energy into internal energy at the point where they are applied – they dissipate this energy. They are most effective in the area of structural resonances, since this is where the highest vibration amplitudes are usually present. There are many damper designs and operating principles.

Absorbers – systems consisting of a spring, a damper and a mass – are very cost-effective and reliable solutions to vibration problems because they operate very effectively within their target frequency range and are characterized by a high level of robustness. A significant advantage is that no abutment is required. This allows for the installation of absorbers in almost any location – optimized exclusively according to effectiveness criteria.

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While some tasks – for example, making production more efficient or reliable and complying with occupational health and safety regulations – are similar for all machine types, there are also individual challenges in each industry. Over the past decades, in countless projects for manufacturers and operators of paper machines and machine tools, we have been able to build up valuable specialist knowledge in these industries:


Case Study "TMD.Pipe Solves Vibration Problem" 169.58 KB
Case Study "TMD.Pipe Solves Vibration Problem"

In a natural gas plant pipe vibrations caused serious problems during commissioning. The installation of tuned mass dampers not only reduced vibrations to a minimum but also allows the plant operation run most effectively.

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