Noise Immission Control – Analysis and Solution of Sound-related Challenges from Urban Land Use Planning to Noise Protection Expertise

Noise emissions, especially from traffic and industry-related sources, are a relevant negative environmental impact. Many citizens complain about strong noise pollution. In the context of urban development planning, there is therefore a field of tension between the protection of the population on the one hand and the economic and cultural development of the city on the other. This conflict is further intensified by increasing urbanization and rising traffic volumes.

Against this background, the planning of new traffic routes and industrially and commercially used areas as well as the development of residential areas requires a comprehensive analysis and detailed forecasts. In order to avoid conflicts and high additional costs caused by subsequent noise abatement measures, it is essential to identify potential exceedance of limit values at an early stage and to develop innovative solutions.

As a measuring institute for the determination of emissions and immissions of noise, accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and announced according to § 29b BImSchG, we support you in all questions of noise immission control. For noise calculation, we use our own developed software IMMI.

Our service portfolio in the field of noise immission control

We measure noise immissions with the most modern measuring technology, conduct propagation simulations and are available to advise on legal and technical questions regarding immission control. In addition, we develop optimized and legally compliant solutions for noise problems in the following areas:

  • Construction noise
  • Workplace noise
  • Traffic noise – from individual construction projects to supraregional feasibility studies
  • Commercial and industrial noise – according to TA Lärm
  • Sports and leisure noise

We have many years of experience and provide legally compliant expert opinions in urban land use planning, noise allotment and noise monitoring.

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