Safe and Reliable: Weld Seam and FKM Verification According to Set Guidelines – Service and Software from a Single Source

In product development these days, nothing is left to chance. The capacity of a component to withstand loads can be calculated. Long before the first prototype is produced, deformations and stresses can be determined for all relevant load cases with the help of modern simulation methods.

Strength is usually verified in accordance with the so-called FKM guideline. The result: a load factor. If it is below 100 percent, taking into account the selected safety factor, the component is adequately dimensioned.

Background: Verifiably Loadable Machine Components Thanks to Computational Strength Verification in Accordance with the FKM Guideline

Simulations using the finite element method (FEM) provide information on the stress and deformation of a component.

On this basis, rough derivations are possible as to whether the component exceeds the permissible stress at corresponding points. However, many factors influencing the strength of a component remain unnoticed. These include:

  • Manufacturing influences, such as surface finish or strain hardening
  • Design and shape-related parameters, for example in the case of thin-walled structures or in relation to the effective diameter of axles and shafts
  • Material properties and material characteristics, for example with regard to plasticization or crack formation
  • Superposition and cyclic sequence of load cases

The Forschungskuratorium Maschinenbau e.V. (FKM) has defined the so-called "Computational Strength Analysis of Mechanical Engineering Components" (generally referred to as the "FKM Guideline") against this background. This uniformly structured calculation algorithm for evaluating strength and service life has established itself as a reliable standard in the German-speaking world and is subject to continuous further development.

We can support you in case of capacity bottlenecks or time pressure: our experienced simulation engineers deliver accurate and reliable results in a short time. We offer:

  • FKM verifications according to guideline (linear)
    • Static strength verifications
    • Fatigue strength verifications for cyclic loads
  • Weld seam verifications according to guideline



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