Calculation and Design of Machine Foundations

Our services around machine foundations include the design and calculation of foundations for vibration isolation for all types of machines and plants

People need concentration and a quiet environment if they are to achieve precise results. Many machines are no different. Especially in case of high demands regarding quietness and vibration protection, we take care of, for example:

  • Technical building equipment
  • Turbines, compressors
  • Printing machines, calenders
  • Crushers, mills, kneaders
  • Hammers, drop mills
  • Engines, piston compressors
  • Test stands, measuring machines and laboratory equipment
  • Rolling and grinding machines

However, smoothness and precision are not everything: vibration-isolated machines also offer more protection for people, equipment and buildings. Operators thus usually benefit from an increased service life and employees who can perform their work under better conditions.


Calculation, assessment, design, simulation and products for vibration isolation of machine foundations from a single source

Our work extends to the design of the foundation of complete vibration-sensitive facilities such as clean room laboratories and manufacturing plants, studios, hotels or EDP centers, where we achieve optimum vibration protection, e.g. by means of basic insulation in conjunction with the house-in-house construction method.  With our many years of experience in machine and building dynamics, we offer ideal conditions for mediating between the disciplines of mechanical and of structural engineering.

We have the metrological and analytical tools to assess the vibrations of machine foundations.  We provide qualified expert opinions on all vibration-related issues of machine foundations and plan remedial and improvement measures. We not only work conceptually "on the drawing board", but also supply products for the direct implementation of vibration isolation concepts.

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