Shock and Vibration Control

From standardized measurements according to DIN 4150 to the recommendation of effective measures for vibration control – the results of our vibration measurements withstand all tests

As a measuring body accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and notified according to § 29b BlmSchG for the determination of vibrations as well as emissions and immissions of noise, we measure, analyze and assess vibration effects resulting from

  • Road and rail traffic
  • Commercial and industrial operations  
  • Construction and demolition work   
  • Blasting

with regard to their influence on the load-bearing capacity of structures, on people in buildings and on sensitive equipment (functional efficiency). In the analysis of the measurement results, we evaluate the risk to structures and the nuisance to people (DIN 4150 Parts 3 and 2) and prepare appropriate documentation, which can also be used for any required expert reports and measures for the preservation of evidence. Wölfel has modern measurement technology at its disposal that supports a wide range of measurements.

Thanks to our offices being located in Berlin, Hamburg, Würzburg and Ulm, you can easily find one of our vibration experts near you.

Due to the close cooperation between DB Netz AG and Wölfel, it was possible to consider aspects of immission control during the construction of the third rail line between Freilassing and Salzburg according to the requirements of the planning approval notice.

On the one hand, Wölfel Engineering functioned as a technically competent point of contact for the client and the companies involved, and on the other hand, the affected residents were informed accordingly in the event of nuisance caused by noise and vibrations.

We were very satisfied with the technically well-founded and professional handling of the immission control for the above-mentioned construction project and will gladly return to Wölfel for comparable tasks."

Ronald Raczinski, Project Manager DB Netz AG

From initial assessment to measurement and simulation-based prediction

  • Do you want to know before the start of the project where exactly on the construction site vibrations are to be expected and whether they will affect the surrounding area?     
  • Will the planned structure comply with the reference values for vibration and secondary airborne sound?

Our vibration prognoses include the determination of the expected vibration effects during project planning up to the targeted avoidance of damage to neighboring buildings, especially in the case of historic structures. We analyze and calculate the possible impairment of the function of vibration-sensitive equipment as well as a potential nuisance to residents.

Construction site monitoring

From punctual daily measurements to long-term monitoring

The intermittent or long-term monitoring of construction sites is becoming increasingly important. Whether for securing the long-term construction site or for transparency for the affected population – targeted structural monitoring is the instrument to continuously record and display the stresses and reactions resulting from dynamic loads.  

Let your construction projects benefit from our versatile experience in monitoring construction sites, especially in the context of permit or tender requirements.

Our web portal MIC.Construction also offers great convenience for long-term monitoring. It compiles comprehensive information from the measuring system in use on the construction site, which is processed by means of algorithms. MIC.Construction thus helps maintain an overview and shortens the reaction time if, for example, measured values are exceeded.

Vibration damage

We document existing damage and help clarify a possible question of liability

  • Do you need a visual survey before construction activities begin?
  • Did the damage actually result from vibrations caused by the nearby construction site? Who bears the responsibility?
  • Can I recreate the origin of the damage and thus help clarify the question of liability? Are the vibrations really to blame?

We document the vibration level for you and provide, for example, preservation of evidence at the construction site, during blasting and demolition work, and in the case of vibrations caused by road and rail traffic. High-quality photographic documentation and a detailed final report provide you with all the materials you need for evidence to protect your interests.

Vibration monitoring and mitigation

Long-term structural monitoring

Many structures and buildings are permanently exposed to vibrations, especially shaking. Be it because they are located directly on a railroad line or in a seismically active area, or be it due to the type of use, such as bridges, which bear the mechanical load of thousands of vehicles per hour.

Wölfel supports customers here with concepts for long-term structural monitoring or bridge monitoring to ensure that vibrations do not lead to structural damage or that incipient damage is detected in good time.

Learn more about structural and bridge monitoring on our dedicated website.

Design of vibration-reduced plants and structures

On the other hand, Wölfel is also a reliable partner for the design of vibration mitigation measures for buildings and structures that will be exposed to said loads. Typical solutions besides a modification of the design are

  • Elastic building mountings  
  • Vibration isolation of machines
  • Vibration dampers for bridges, ceilings or chimneys.

We have decades of experience, in particular with earthquake load cases. You can find out more on our dedicated earthquake engineering website.

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