Immission Forecasts for Air Pollutants, Dust and Odors

Are you planning a new bypass road and want to ensure that the affected residential areas are not polluted by traffic-related immissions? Or do you want to designate a new residential area near commercial operations and be sure that no conflicts arise from pollution?

The quality of the air is directly related to our well-being. Excessive air pollutant immissions – for example caused by energy generation, traffic, industry or agriculture – are harmful because they unbalance ecosystems and can lead to respiratory diseases, among other things.

Even if the air pollution in Germany has already decreased significantly in the last few decades, the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) are regularly exceeded, especially in metropolitan areas. In order to protect people and the environment, the legislature regulates the effects of harmful emissions through the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), the associated ordinances (BImSchV) as well as the TA Luft and the Odor Immissions Directive (Geruchsimmissionsrichtlinie – GIRL). The limit values ​​defined here must, among other things, be incorporated into the approval planning of roads and facilities as well as urban planning.

Our service portfolio: From expert investigations to plan approval procedures to environmental impact assessments

  • Air quality planning
  • Planning and approval procedures for plants according to BImSchG
  • Development plan and building permit procedures
  • Planning of traffic routes
  • Demolition, renovation and earthwork projects
  • Odor emissions from animal husbandry and biogas systems

In addition, we calculate the expected immission of air pollutants, dust and odors on the basis of relevant guidelines and ordinances and advise you on possible reduction measures to comply with legal requirements.

The metrological recording of air pollutants rounds off our portfolio and serves a wide range of fields of application, from the validation of implemented reduction measures to the detection of potential pollutant sources in public buildings or in your own four walls.

Software for the calculation of air pollutants according to TA Luft

With the pollutant module of our IMMI Software, you can calculate the spread of gases, dust and odors according to the particle model (TA Luft 2002/AUSTAL2000) as well as the Gauss model.

The Current Measured Values of the Station "Würzburg, Stadtring Süd" of the Bavarian Air Hygiene Monitoring System (Lufthygienischen Landesüberwachungssystems Bayern – LÜB)

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