Seismic Instrumentation and Seismic Switch – Permanent protection of your plant through earthquake monitoring

If an earthquake hits an industrial facility, a building, a power plant or other infrastructure, it can immediately and reliably be detected by installing seismic instrumentation. This opens up the possibility of initiating protective measures very quickly. If certain limit or design values (e.g. response spectrum) are exceeded, alarms are automatically triggered or entire plant sections are automatically shut down. This reduces or even prevents the occurrence of secondary damage such as explosion, fire and release of substances as well as their consequences. Our portfolio ranges from the so-called "seismic switch" for monitoring buildings or for shutting down machinery and equipment to certified systems, e.g. for monitoring power plants. We use equipment technology from the renowned Swiss manufacturer SYSCOM.

Together with SYSCOM, we can demonstrate the following core competencies:

  • Instrumentation of power plants
  • Instrumentation of nuclear plants
  • Instrumentation of industrial facilities with potentially hazardous substances (e.g. chemical, oil & gas, LNG terminals, hydrogen, plastics)
  • Instrumentation of dams
  • Instrumentation of buildings and other structures

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We accompany the entire process with the following service portfolio:

  • "Seismic Switch" for building monitoring or for shutting down machines and plants
  • Detailed conception of a seismic instrumentation including possibly required computational verifications and determination of possible measuring points
  • Delivery and installation of the seismic instrumentation, if required according to relevant regulations such as KTA 2201, IEC 61508 (SIL 2 and 3), IEC 60780, IEC 61226 (CAT A and C), IEC 61225 or IEC 60880 (CAT A)
  • Concepts for exchanging existing (third-party) instrumentation
  • Support in the official approval process and in coordination with experts
  • Creation of any necessary certificates
  • Creation of preliminary test documents and complete project documentation
  • Implementation of the factory acceptance test with the participation of an expert
  • Installation, commissioning, training, service and system maintenance

Our installations all over Germany and the world (selection)

Safe operation of geothermal plants through seismic instrumentation

Geothermal energy generation is the extraction of energy from the very high temperatures that exist below the earth's surface in rock layers as well as in underground water reservoirs. It is a renewable way of energy production that does not cause harmful emissions and provides a continuous source of energy. Geothermal wells can drill deep into the ground and change the stress state underground, which in turn can lead to artificial or induced earthquakes. Through the use of seismic instrumentation, soil and nearby structures are monitored closely. Signs of change can then be detected early and action taken to minimize earthquake-induced risk. It also ensures a safe, efficient operation of geothermal plants.

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NA 001-03-02 AA Vibration measurement technology

NA 001-03-09 AA Measurement of vibration immissions

ISO/TC 108/WG 33 Human response to vibration

KTA 2201.5 Design of nuclear power plants against seismic effects

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