MEMOSIK® – Physical Dummy for the Evaluation of Vibration Comfort

The MEMOSIK active vibration dummy can be used to efficiently evaluate the vibration comfort of vehicle seats – both on test benches and in actual use.

Accurate analysis thanks to driver-typical dynamic mass

If a seat is only loaded with a rigid mass as part of the seating comfort analysis, the results are often very inaccurate. MEMOSIK is therefore designed to simulate the vibration behavior of the occupant on the seat. Technically, this is done by reproducing a so-called driver-typical dynamic mass.

This process has been tried and tested and continuously improved over many years. With the aid of intelligent control technology, the system can switch quickly between different driver groups, the so-called percentiles:

  • Small woman (f05)
  • Medium-sized man (m50)
  • Large man (m95)

Objective and reproducible test results

With a MEMOSIK measurement, immediately after the test drive you have the:

  • Vertical seat transfer function including its characteristics
  • Evaluation of the coherence
  • Vibrations acting on the driver via the seat surface, including an evaluation thereof

In contrast to subjective tests, these results are reproducible.

Also available as a virtual model

MEMOSIK is a physical vibration dummy, i.e. it consists of steel and electronics. Its virtual counterpart is CASIMIR, our numerical occupant model. In order to be able to digitally map and compare the measured results, a virtual model of MEMOSIK is also available in CASIMIR/Automotive.

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