Strategic and Operational Planning of Blasting and Mechanical Demolition of Structures

The blasting or dismantling of a structure always involves a certain risk – both for the people involved in the demolition and for the immediate surroundings. As part of the planning process, it is important to identify all potential risks at an early stage and then reduce them through effective protective measures. When developing a demolition concept, the focus is always on both safety and economic efficiency.

Demolition by blasting is fast and particularly effective. However, the resulting vibrations and the increased noise and dust pollution for the immediate surroundings can become a problem, especially in densely built-up areas. It is therefore advisable to first carry out a feasibility study. If blasting is an option, the optimum collapse strategy is worked out, taking into account the structural system. In addition, the structure is usually preweakened. This is understood to mean the targeted weakening of individual load-bearing components to enable more economical blasting.

During dismantling, the structure is removed step by step with the aid of special equipment. The aim is to ensure stability during the entire process. In contrast to blasting demolition, the impact on the surrounding area due to vibrations, noise and dust extends over a significantly longer period of time.

We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable method for the demolition you are planning.

Our portfolio of services in the field of building demolition:

Blast demolition of structures

  • Determination of the optimal collapse strategy taking into account the existing structural system
  • Design of the preweakening and stability check for the preweakened structure
  • Dimensioning of the required blasting zones and blasting times
  • Prognosis and evaluation of blast and impact vibrations as well as acoustic pressure

Dismantling of structures

  • Mass and center of gravity determination of structural elements
  • Crane dimensioning and stability analysis for the crane claws
  • Stability analysis for the structure in dismantling condition
  • Dimensioning of dismantling aids (crane cross beams, auxiliary supports, etc.)

What makes us specialists in the field?

Structural design and statics, vibrations, noise and dust - these are the central factors in a building demolition and topics that we at Wölfel have been dealing with for more than 45 years. We combine all these aspects and the respective specialists under one roof. In addition, we are a long-standing partner of the demolition industry for various products for vibration and noise monitoring.

Since 2018, we have also been working intensively with demolition expert Dr.-Ing. Rainer Melzer. Over the course of the last 25 years, he has successfully planned and accompanied several hundred demolitions of structures, some of them spectacular, using blasting technology and machinery. For more than 20 years he has been a publicly appointed and sworn expert for collapse behavior, vibrations and damage during the demolition of structures. As part of his retirement succession, he is gradually handing over his knowledge and experience to Wölfel Engineering.

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Civil Engineering, specialisation "Numerical Methods of Structural Analysis" (Master), University of Kassel

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Guest at the Working Group 1.4 Soil Dynamics of the DGGT (German Society for Geotechnics)
Guest at the Expert Committee for Blasting Technology of the Deutschen Abbruchverband e.V. (German Demolition Association)