Machine Acoustics: Measurement and Evaluation of Sound Radiation from Machines

Machines cause noise. This simple statement becomes even more critical in view of the fact that productivity demands and thus noise emissions are constantly increasing, while at the same time the regulations for the protection of employees and thus the limit values for noise at machines are continuously being tightened (cf. EU Directive 2003/10/EC).

We not only help with the analysis, …

  • Measurement and evaluation of sound radiation of machines and plants
  • Determination of sound power (DIN EN ISO 3743, DIN EN ISO 3745, DIN EN ISO 3746)
  • Determination of main sound sources, main radiating surfaces, transmission paths
  • Sound source localization by acoustic cameras or sound intensity analysis

... but, also assist with remedial measures:

  • Application of machine acoustic design rules
  • Design of primary and secondary noise reduction measures
  • Design optimization through acoustic simulations
  • Development of active noise reduction systems

State-of-the-art: Our (measuring) technology

Crucial for a successful analysis is, of course, not only the know-how of the engineers but also the available measuring technology. We use the following systems in particular:

  • Acoustic cameras
  • Sound intensity arrays/probes
  • Scanning laser vibrometer
  • Sound level meters
  • Analyzers
  • Microphones

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