Services and Systems for Vibration Reduction on Machines

We offer you support in all phases of the life cycle of your machine

We offer you support in all phases of the life cycle of your machine. Ideally, this is already during the development stage, where we help to avoid vibration problems before they occur. If vibrations become a problem during commissioning or in later operation, we are available worldwide – even at short notice – with our decades of experience.

Depending on the determined cause of vibration and its interactions with the machine / component, there are many different methods for reducing vibration


Excitation reduction, e. g. through

  • mass balance
  • balancing
  • optimization of the drive or its control system


Pitching e. g.

  • optimize natural frequency position by design adaptations
  • semi-active components
  • adaption of cycle times or speeds


Vibration isolation


Dampers e. g.


Absorbers e. g.

  • passive absorbers
  • semi-active absorbers
  • active absorbers (in wide range frequency variable)

Vibration reduction on existing machines

In the case of existing machines, which are often already in use, there is usually much less room for maneuver, and the margins for reducing unwanted vibrations are usually much smaller. Here, the best possible solution must be found and implemented in a short time and without costly trial-and-error procedures. Here, too, we first map your "problem case" using a CAD-based dynamic finite element model, which we then use to test and optimize fundamental solution concepts on a virtual prototype. In this way we develop concepts for stiffening and tuning, the introduction of damping or for passive or active vibration cancellation. The effectiveness of the various concepts can then be compared with the expected implementation effort. This provides you with a solid and technically sound basis for decision-making.