Engineering services for building acoustics

Wölfel is more than just an engineering office for noise control and building acoustics. As a recognized noise control testing center, we carry out all common noise measurements and expert opinions in compliance with current standards. With our offices in Berlin, Ulm and Würzburg, we offer regional contacts for all questions concerning airborne noise and structure-borne noise.   


This involves concerns such as:

  • Is the stomping and thudding of our children at play really not a nuisance for the neighbors in the house?
  • How loud does it get in the room adjacent to the elevator?
  • Can we pinpoint where the noise of the ventilation system is coming from?

Our services in building acoustics are accredited and certified

Wölfel is certified to carry out quality tests for structural sound insulation in accordance with DIN 4109, registration number VMPA-SPG-210-04-BY in the VMPA's register of sound insulation bodies.


Wölfel is accredited in the field of building acoustics testing according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (DAkkS registration number D-PL-19254-01-00).


Whether noise inside or outside buildings, whether structure-borne noise, airborne noise or noise control measures at the workplace – we measure, assess and design for you

The acoustic properties of partition walls and ceilings have a significant influence on the quality and usability of buildings. We are at your side with our knowledge for all building acoustics issues. In addition to surveys of existing buildings, we also accompany you through the planning and implementation phases of renovation and new construction projects.


Our services in the field of building acoustics

Wölfel supports general planners, private and public property developers, architects as well as specialist planners in all topics related to building acoustics and sound insulation through the

  • Development of measures for protection against external noise and protection against noise inside buildings
  • Impact sound measurement and airborne sound transmission measurements:
    • Short measurements according to DIN EN ISO 10052
    • Quality tests according to DIN EN ISO 16283 Teile 1-3
  • Elaboration of measures for noise control against sound from building services installations such as heating, ventilation, water installations or elevators
  • Determination of the sound insulation and noise control
  • Measurement of the sound absorption coefficient, wall impedance and reflection factor according to DIN EN ISO 10534-2

Noise protection / noise control at the workplace

We also deal with occupational health and safety, in particular noise protection at the workplace. This deals with noise reduction in work spaces through measures at the source, through shielding and through interior constructions for sound absorption. The field of occupational health and safety also includes sound propagation in workspaces.

We use the computational and metrological determination of sound propagation curves based on VDI 3760 to check the extent to which the acoustic requirements of occupational health and safety in factory halls and workrooms are met.


Available to you in every project and planning phase

This is how we solve your building acoustics challenges together – step by step:

  • Make contact in every project phase
  • Call-back from our specialist engineers: We assess your challenge and jointly agree on the scope of services on the basis of, among other things, the project documents.
  • Preparation of a free, non-binding offer
  • Written commissioning
  • Processing (also at short notice) on the basis of the preliminary concept or the first drafts
  • Ongoing support up to the approval milestone
  • Project-related detailed coordination within the framework of implementation planning; interim results
  • Finalization and final work/construction supervision based on the planned execution
  • Acceptance, if necessary downstream quality management        

The advantages at a glance:

Diversity of the sciences

We have (civil) engineers,
mathematicians and physicists
working on your project.

Personal connection

A permanent project engineer
is always available as a contact
person for you

On the pulse of technology

As a sales partner for software
and measurement technology, we
have direct lines to the suppliers

Please contact me personally


Contact our local offices in Berlin, Ulm and Würzburg now for all our services relating to specialist building acoustics planning and noise control.

M. Sc. Rudolph Hemmeter
Bauakustik Würzburg

Dipl.-Geophys. Sebastian Ibbeken
Bauakustik Berlin

Dipl.-Phys. Lorenz Herrmann
Bauakustik Ulm