Simulation in Mechanical Engineering – Vibration Analysis for Machines and Manufacturing Processes

If vibration problems are feared during the new or further development of production or processing machines, we ensure for you that these are identified and eliminated in the early development phases. In this context, we contribute our simulation and dynamics expertise, because particularly through the use of simulation-based development methods, unpleasant surprises such as

  • strength problems,
  • unachieved production speeds or
  • poor product quality,

which in the conventional development process typically only become apparent during expensive prototype tests or commissioning, can be reduced to a minimum at an early stage.

However, simulation is not only useful in the context of product development and prototyping. From manufacturing and commissioning to ongoing operation and the end of the machine's service life, a virtual equivalent provides valuable information.

Our service portfolio in the field of vibration analysis:

  • Modeling of your machine or process based on your 3D CAD data as a numerical model, e.g. with FE (finite elements) or MBS (multi-body system)
  • Development of a calibrated model of machines already existing as prototype or in series on the basis of a measurement (model update)
  • Analysis of natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Analysis of the excitation with corresponding modelling
  • Prognosis of vibration responses (e.g. forces, deformations, stresses) under the influence of operating and special loads
  • Design review with your developers
  • Design and structural optimization under vibration, strength and machine acoustic aspects

(Mere) model creation as a basis for analyses and optimizations in mechanical engineering

We are also happy to create "only" the calculation model of your machine or plant, which you can then use for your own investigations (e.g. optimization measures). As software we typically use

  • ANSYS,
  • SIMULIA Abaqus or

Within the scope of a so-called model update, we can match created models and their characteristic parameters with measured data – e.g. of natural frequencies, vibration modes or strains. This kind of model calibration ensures that the virtual counterpart is as close to reality as possible.

Due to our many years of existence on the market, we have experience in the simulation of a wide variety of machines, plants and processes. We can draw on a broad software portfolio and thus always use the tool that meets your requirements and is best suited to your needs.

Even more accurate machine models through supplementary vibration measurement

Our expertise in the field of vibration measurement, built up over many years, has also proven to be particularly useful in practice. As already mentioned above, we can not only validate but also sharpen the calculation by means of a comparison with the help of measurement data already available or collected by us, and thus increase the validity. These measurements can be carried out in our facilities, at your site or at the site of your customer anywhere in the world.

Our specialties in simulation


For more than 50 years, we at Wölfel have been performing numerical simulations for our customers – in mechanical engineering and in numerous other industries.
Here you can get an insight into our service portfolio:

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How does simulation make the development process more efficient? When should simulation be used?
And when does it make sense to outsource it?

Answers to these questions and further general information on simulation can be found here.

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