Customized development of Seat Test Benches

We specialize in design, development and construction of individual test benches for vehicle seats. We can draw on our many years of experience in the areas of comfort and simulation of car seats. Our seat test benches are used

  • in the product development process:
    You can objectify decisions at different points in the development process. Typical applications are the determination of the H point (SAE J826®) backset (FMVSS 202a), seat pressure distribution and stalking behavior and the hysteresis of the entire seat for option evaluation and benchmarking.
    •  Advantages:
      • Objectification subjective statements, quantitative evaluation of variant and reproducibility of measurement results
      • Assessment not only on the material level, but also at ready seat built up
  • on the production line:
    You can check quality, comfort and safety-relevant characteristic values. Typical areas of application are comfort, airbag function, seat-belt reminders, verse plate sounds and handling forces.
    • Advantages:
      • Continuous quality assurance (documentation of the test results)
      • Way, at an early stage in the manufacturing parameters to intervene

Customized development to meet your needs

Special demands of your individual test task? We develop and build the combination for your needs:  

  • measuring and testing technology/sensor technology
  • software and control automation technology.

Through our comprehensive know-how in these areas, you will get your complete solution from a single source! 

With our experience in the interpretation of different measurement results we support you also in the specification of the quantities to be measured and of the test process as well as the interpretation and evaluation of test results.

You're invited to share your task with us, we are looking forward to your inquiry.