Optimized Lifetime Extension and Early Detection of Damage on Foundation and Tower

The structural integrity of wind turbine generators (WTGs) must be ensured in particular by the two supporting structures, the tower and the foundation. Damage to these structures poses a considerable risk to the stability of the machine and the safety of people. With our monitoring system SHM.Foundation® you can not only detect damages at an early stage. Using methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and including EOC/SCADA data, a precise monitoring of the damage progress is possible. In addition, the system provides information on natural frequencies and the consumed lifetime. This allows a reduction of visual inspections and an optimized lifetime extension.

The advantages of holistic monitoring with SHM.Foundation at a glance:

  • Optimized lifetime extension:
    The evaluation of the lifetime extension of the WTG is based on the fatigue loads that have actually occurred. In this way, the potential for lifetime extension can be maximized.
  • Reduction and optimization of visual inspections:
    SHM.Foundation makes it possible to switch from the previously used time-based inspections to condition-based inspection concepts.
  • Preservation of the asset value:
    Tower and foundation damages are a relevant risk factor. If they are not detected at an early stage, there is a risk of serious consequential damage, costly repairs and long downtimes.
  • Identification of black sheep:
    Problematic wind turbines with a high OPEX risk are identified reliably and efficiently with the help of comprehensive wind farm monitoring. Countermeasures can be initiated.
  • Monitoring of foundation damages:
    Permanent monitoring of problematic WTG foundations as a measure of object-related damage analyses or special inspections as well as to evaluate the damage progress.

Learn more about SHM.Foundation on our website or in one of our free webinars.

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