Structure Monitoring Offshore Converter Platform HelWin Alpha


Project name: Monitoring system anchoring the converter platform HelWin Alpha
Customer: TenneT Offshore GmbH
Structure: Offshore steel platform
Execution: Installation 2016/2017
commissioning 2018

All facts at a glance:

Monitoring of
operating load collectives

Pointing out reserves in
with regard to the service life

System for offshore use

Low maintenance

The top of the HelWin Alpha converter platform is held to the supporting structure by a specially developed tie rod system. A total of 36 tie rods called super-bolts support the entire loads of the suspended platform.

The type of loading is identical for all connections, but the load on the anchors varies due to the varying weight distribution within the structure.

Wölfel designed a monitoring system for the anchorage, which has not been regulated by standards so far.

The monitoring system records the actual operating load collectives that occur and identifies possible reserves in terms of service life.

The monitoring system is designed for offshore use and is therefore low maintenance. It had to be designed and installed in such a way that the tie rods are not damaged. Automatic software for data acquisition and analysis allows easy operation by the customer.

If required, Wölfel provides support in the assessment and more detailed analysis of alarming measurement data.