Condition and Structural Monitoring Offshore Wind Farm Trianel Borkum West II


Offshore wind farm: Trianel Borkum West II
Customer: EWE
Foundation structure: Monopile
Turbine manufacturer: SENVION
Execution: Installation 2018/2019
Monitoring 2019 – today

All facts at a glance:

North sea

Monitoring of all
WEC structures

Analysis of acceleration &
inclination signals

Fatigue analysis

Estimation of the
remaining service life

Warning & Alarm

The project site of the offshore wind farm Borkum West II (TWBII) is located in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) about 45 km north of the island of Borkum in water depths of about 27 m to 33 m. The project consists of 32 wind turbine generators (WTGs) on monopile foundations with a capacity of approximately 200 MW.

For this wind farm, the operator decided to monitor all WTG structures. Wölfel developed a holistic monitoring concept, implementing an extended condition monitoring system on four WTGs and a standard monitoring system for the remaining 28 WTGs in the wind farm.

One of the sites is characterized by a shortened tie-in length of the monopile foundation and requires an additional monitoring system.

Acceleration and tilt signals are analyzed to monitor the structural behavior of the WTGs. In addition, the monitoring includes fatigue analysis and estimation of the remaining lifetime of the structures.

The warning and alarm thresholds are based on the relevant standards and design limits. Automatic alarm feedback from the structural monitoring system is provided via the Wölfel web portal MIC.Foundation.  In case of unusual behavior, our engineers and data analysts support the customer with individual in-depth analyses.