Individual Solutions for Vibration Reduction and Monitoring Systems According to Your Needs

You would like to, for example, develop an active vibration reduction solution or a monitoring system for your application? As an experienced development partner, we support you in this process. And we ensure full cost control through clearly defined development steps.

The development projects go through the following phases:

The development always begins with a thorough analysis of the task, the respective machine or component, and the production process – by means of measurement, simulation, or a combination of both. Based on this analysis, we design the development project together with you.

The feasibility of the concept is examined using measurements or simulations. This makes it possible to assess whether the set goals can be achieved. At the same time, requirements for the software and hardware can be specified.

Based on the findings of the feasibility study, the hardware and software to be used are optimized in order to achieve the best possible result with regard to the development goal.

If necessary, hardware components are designed, manufactured and put into operation in the process/on the machine together with the software implemented on a rapid prototyping system. The process is accompanied by further optimization.

The optimized prototype is now being translated into a design suitable for series production. The aim here is to optimize costs and maintain the effect.

When developing hardware, it is always important to ensure that it can withstand the stresses arising from the given environmental conditions over the entire service life (if possible). 

The hardware components of the system can be manufactured and delivered as a one-off or in series.

Our specialties


While some tasks – for example, making production more efficient or reliable and complying with occupational health and safety regulations – are similar for all machine types, there are also individual challenges in each industry. Over the past decades, in countless projects for manufacturers and operators of paper machines and machine tools, we have been able to build up valuable specialist knowledge in these industries:

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